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NKUA places 89th in the world and 16th in Europe, marking a big jump in global University rankings

Important distinctions lay in store for the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. The product of four authoritative global University rankings, these distinctions attested once more to the international standing of NKUA and its prominence among the Higher Educational Institutions in Greece and Southeastern Europe. Standing out are the appearances of NKUA in the top 100 of global University rankings and more specifically:

  1. Our University’s 89th place in the world and 16th place in Europe according to ‘Top Universities by Top Google Scholar Citations’. Following the latest edition of this ranking and previous years’ results, the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens consolidates and enhances its place among the top 100 Universities worldwide.
  2. NKUA’s 89th place in Immunology, and 100th place in Pharmacology & Toxicology worldwide in the ‘Ranking by Specific Subjects’ category of ‘NTU Rankings-Performance Rankings of Scientific Papers for World Universities’.
  3. The climbing of the NKUA’s School of Medicine from the 101-150 bracket in 2022 to the 76-100 bracket (i.e., to the top 100 of Medical Schools worldwide) as far as the academic subject Clinical Medicine is concerned, according to the ‘Shanghai Ranking’s Global Ranking of Academic Subjects’. With this achievement the NKUA’s School of Medicine now ranks first among the four Greek Universities with Medical Schools on the List.
  4. The inclusion of the NKUA’s School of Dentistry in the top 100 (the 76-100 bracket) of the ‘Shanghai Ranking’s Global Ranking of Academic Subjects’ in the subject Dentistry & Oral Sciences.It is worth noting that within 2017-2023, the School of Dentistry found itself four times in the top 100 and another three times in the 100-150 bracket. 

See the full article: https://hub.uoa.gr/en/jump-up-in-the-international-rankings-rankings-nkua/