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Center of New Biotechnologies & Precision Medicine

Personalised medicine/ healthcare (pMedGR) aims at supporting research and innovation towards next generation healthcare applications. Specifically, the infrastructure aims at re-designing ongoing and prospective clinical trials, linking them with molecular profiles obtained through high-throughput ‘omics’ technologies towards more efficient and cost-effective health and disease management.  Its vision is to become a regional hub for the implementation, coordination and integration of personalized medicine approaches in South-East Europe, as part of a global network, offering centralized information on patient stratification, susceptibility factors and response to treatments for relevant regional populations. This hub will serve as a single entry point for researchers and industry with an interest in targeting this area. Through pMedGR, Greece has the potential to become a South-East European Node for Personalized Medicine, linking Europe to emerging markets such as Asia, Africa and the Middle East.