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Use of English Medical Terminology

Course Objectives/Goals

About 75% of Medical, Biological and other scientific terms related to Medicine have Greek Latin origin, with a predominance of those with a Greek root. The publication of new Medical knowledge internationally is now in English. A satisfactory knowledge of English terminology is necessary to follow the progress of Medical science.

The “Use English Medical Terminology” is an elective course. It is coordinated by Professor E. Zoumakis and taught by faculty members of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens with many years of experience in the use of English medical terminology, mainly from the Medical Department. The course begins with the history of the development of Medical terminology from Hippocratic Medicine to Hellenistic and Roman Medicine and then it is taught in systems always based on the etymology and history of the words.

At the same time, the English Medical Terminology is used in the search for new knowledge in the field of Biomedical Sciences. For this purpose, extensive reference is made to the PubMed database (Medline) and to the process of searching for scientific publications. The structure and characteristics of the scientific articles are mentioned, while the main Bibliographic Indices are explained, such as citations, impact factors, h-index, etc., from the Scopus and ISI databases.

Attendance requires sufficient knowledge of the English language from the students. The result is the introduction of students to the most global Medical terminology and the creation of engaging performances on which they will rely for a lifetime of monitoring of the rapid development of Medicine.