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Biomedical Engineering and technology

Biomedical Technology is an internationally interdisciplinary and rapidly growing industry focused on the study, development, application and evaluation of new technologies aimed at solving medical and biological problems and the development of health services. New perspectives are now being created in medical science due to technological innovations in the field of health. The subject of the course focuses on new and emerging technologies applied in Medicine with the aim of diagnosing, treating, preventing, researching, training, providing health services and managing medical data. In addition, the course deals with clinical, legal, ethical and procedural issues related to the development, evaluation, operation, application and management of medical devices, devices and other medical devices. The content of the course is updated annually and includes, but is not limited to:

  • Basic principles and concepts in Biomedical Technology 
  • Historical data, current trends, international developments in health technologies
  • Copyright management and registration
  • Design of new technologies and innovation 
  • Quality control and certification (e.g. CE) of medical devices 
  • Financing research and development of new biomedical technologies
  • Management of biomedical technology in hospitals and dispensaries 
  • Legal issues and regulations relating to the development, management and use of medical equipment 
  • Measurements of physical sizes and biomarkers: accuracy, repeatability, reliability of measurements 
  • Artificial instruments 
  • Nanotechnology 
  • Medical simulators and modelling of biological systems
  • Health service information systems (medical file, electronic prescribing) 
  • Genetic engineering and biomechanics 
  • Technologies and methods of recording biomedical signals and images 
  • Newer technologies and their applications in the cardiovascular system, neurology, radiotherapeutic oncology, dermatology, orthopedics, surgery, etc.

As part of the course, optional visits are made to workshops and places of technological interest.