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Clinical Biochemistry

The proposed course includes 1) lectures and 2) laboratory practice: Lectures include: Basic laboratory principles (patient preparation, sample collection, quality assurance, accreditation), Automation, Point of care testing, Liver and kidney function (disorders and diagnostic approach), Endocrine system- disorders and diagnostic pre-approach (hypothalamus, pituitary, adrenal, thyroid, parathyroid), Lipids and Lipoproteins (metabolism- disorders and diagnostic significance), Cardiac biochemical indicators of heart attack and heart failure, Immune system (structure and function) and immunobiochemical laboratory techniques (flow cytometry, determination of antibodies/antigens with ELISA, ELISPOT, immunofluorescence molecular diagnostic and molecular techniques (application to prenatal and perinatal control and metabolic diseases, albums and their diagnostic significance (protein e-feeding). The laboratory practice involves demonstration of diagnostic laboratory techniques in the Laboratory of Clinical Biochemistry at the ATTIKON University General Hospital (protein electrophoria, diabetes control with measuring sweetened hemoglobin with chromatographic techniques, automated biochemical and immuno-chemical analysis systems).