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Mechanisms of disease

The Mechanisms of disease course examines the mechanisms that are responsible for the development of important clinical syndromes of a patient as reported to the doctor such as fever, pain, anemia, dermatological or neurological manifestations, etc. In this way, the students are introduced to clinical medicine and connect the knowledge they acquired in the pre-clinical years with the clinical act.


  • ▪ General considerations of clinical medicine
  • ▪ Pain
  • ▪ Fever
  • ▪ Nervous system dysfunction syndromes
  • ▪ Syndromes with manifestations from the eye, nose and throat
  • ▪ Respiratory and circulatory disorders
  • ▪ Disorders of the gastrointestinal system
  • ▪ Fluid and electrolyte disorders
  • ▪ Dermatological disorders
  • ▪ Hematological problems
  • ▪ Genes, environment, and diseases