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Medicine is an art that I gravitated towards from the day I could say I want to help people.

Motloung Naledi, South Africa

I come from a family where traditional healing was practiced by ordinary family members. Despite being ordinary, they could perform the greatest feats of healing as if it was magic. As I grew up. that magic transformed into a passion in Medical Science, a passion I had hoped to cultivate by receiving the best medical training in the world. What better place than the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens-home to the greatest physicians and scientists in Modern Medical History. I remember when I got the email that I would be interviewed for a place at the University of Athens, I immediately sensed that it was destiny. The opportunity to be in the origin country of democracy, philosophy and medicine was not one I would pass up. There were hurdles I had to overcome-but thanks to the sacrifices made by my family, the miracles performed by the administration of the University of Athens, I have the privilege to be apart of this program. I am exposed to brilliant people-yes we may differ in cultures, traditions and ethnicity-yet we find ourselves to be unified by a single dream. To be ordinary and perform the extraordinary. And just maybe on a personal perspective-to perform magic, and be a part of History.